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  • Tungsten Analyses

    W is the atomic symbol for wolfram (tungsten) In the periodic table of elements. It is a chemical element in the VIB group of the periodic table. Tungsten’s atomic number is 74 meaning that it weighs 74 x the weight of a hydrogen atom. That’s important. Its density is 19.35 g/cm³.  Pure tungsten has a melting point of 6,170.0 °F (3683.15 K, 3410.0 ℃) and boiling point of 10,220.0 °F  (5933.15 K, 5660.0 ℃). Pure tungsten is a light gray or whitish metal, which is a solid at room temperature. Unless your room is 6,170 degrees. Then you should move.

    Tungsten doesn’t occur in its pure metallic state in nature, rather it exists in several ores, but only wolframite and scheelite are mined commercially. But the Wolfram has been spotted in the woods. Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point, the highest tensile strength and the lowest vapor pressure. Vapor Pressure. Yeah! It has excellent corrosion resistance and the bulk metal resists attack by oxygen, acids and alkalis. And Peruvian dancing Llamas. Incidentally, Tungsten band rings /Tungsten mens fashion rings are gaining in popularity. Tungsten is widely used in the production of hard materials, alloys, filaments, dancing alpacas, electrodes, industrial catalysts and other really, really hard stuff.


a black band ring is sometimes used as a tungsten wedding ring. There are also mens titanium wedding bands wedding bands. And black can always be formal and matches anything. Black wedding rings for men are actually gaining popularity even faster than the waning of the diamond’s popularity. While outdoor enthusiasts and men of all stripes favor tungsten band rings or even titanium. I have even used one of my tungsten black wedding rings for men and a boot string to secure my pants on a Pikes Peak hike. Because of belt failure. And the tungsten held. To compare Tungsten Versus Titanium Click Here

We love our returning customers but if this is your first time here that’s great. And if you are a referral to our mens tungsten wedding bands, even better. Can we recommend the 8 MM: 15.9 gram tungsten mens bands or the black titanium rings? See, referrals are what the free mens rings promotion was all about. And that’s the answer to the million-dollar question; why did we give away free rings?

Our Business Model

Well, at the moment our business model(developed by Jenny) requires us to advertise by way of giving away free stuff in this thing called a promotion. To expound a little, The Ring Haven is a new, small start-up business with bigger aspirations. Because we have a mind to grow. But first we have to get up and running. And that’s why we need our customers like you.

Therefore our marketing department(Jenny’s) idea of reaching new customers is to advertise.  Besides, what is the best possible advertisement for an online business? Word of mouth is the best anyone in any kind of business venture can get.  While The Ring Haven knows you will just love your titanium rings for men. Drew asks that each customer limit their selection to three free items.  Because we have an advertising budget(yet to be determined by Drew) that needs to cover quite a bit of ground.


So, we are being made to give away free mens rings and free watches for the cost of shipping and processing. See, we know you’ll love your mens jewelry rings in the tungsten male rings set and you will wear them a lot. Well, then you will tell your friends where you got these freerings; from The Ring Haven. And they are going to want to get titanium rings for men from The Ring Haven too.

That’s called a referral customer. Soon everyone will be wearing a black and gold mens ring or mens tungsten wedding bands. And that’s what this free ring promotion is about. We scatter rings free mens ring styles and they will grow and multiply. If we are temporarily out of a specific ring we will happily send you a most similar one. Soon the promotion will end and we will charge full price. At some point Drew will set a firm budget limit. If Jenny’s free mens ring promotion advertising doesn’t give away the whole store first. We only ask that if you do order free mens fashion rings from us, please show your friends and Leave us a good review. Thank you, Thank you! AND…



Mens Rings Collection Description:

The Wolfram

Brand Name: CAXYB
Item Type: Tungsten Band Rings
Mens Rings
Fashion: Tungsten Male Rings
Surface: Brushed Black Matte
Occasion:mens jewelry rings

Style:Mens Black Wedding Wands
Shape\pattern: Wolfram
Metals Type:Black Tungsten Carbide
Gender:Mens rings
Material:HIGHLY Durable
Type:Tungsten Wedding Ring

Here’s Some Literature

Robert Herrick

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs

10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 4, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

4 reviews for Tungsten Mens Rings: Wolfram

  1. John Rolack

    I got two of tungsten mens rings. They are great and they look and feel tough.

  2. Alex Jones

    I received my 8mm men’s black tungsten ring by mail yesterday. Then I dropped it out the window and ran over it. Not a scratch. I’m gonna get another one.

  3. Trevor Little

    This black matte finish tungsten men’s ring is cool.

  4. Anthony Brickley

    I just got the Wolfram black tungsten men’s ring from here. It’s great. My ring has a good look and feel. Thank you.

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