Leaf Ring

Hello!  And Welcome to The Ring Haven!  You have found our promotion of free leaf rings.  We are glad you are here and we know that you will absolutely love what we have to offer you today.  You have just joined us in our Free Watch and Free Leaf Ring Promotion!  For just the cost of shipping and processing we are proud to be giving away the store.  Don’t worry we will restock and replenish soon- and charge a more profitable price.
Free Leaf  Ring And Free Watch!
You might ask: who would be giving away watches?  Isn’t a free watch a bit expensive to throw around?   What’s the catch?  But we are are going to explain our free watch promotion to you.  And we are going to let you decide for yourself.  All of us at The Ring Haven are confident that you will agree with our reasoning. Because giving a free watch or
Leaf ring away for the price of shipping and handling is smart.

We’ve given this a lot of thought.  Because lot of time and careful research has gone into our planning.  Yes and even a lot of money has already been spent.  And we still have to do something extra to stand out in the crowd.  What good is looking for a needle in a stack of needles?  A famous promoter once said, “If a wonderful thing has happened and nobody hears about it you know what just happened?  Nothing.”  That man’s name was P.T. Barnum.  So our marketing research team(Jenny) has decided this promotion is a good way for us to break into the highly competitive jewelry market.
Leaf Ring

Brand: Fashion

Setting Type: Four Claw

Style: Lover’s Ring

Gender: Women

Rings Type: Girls

Occasion: Party

Model Number: SKU: 33034289429

Compatibility: Pair With Eiffel Tower Watch

Shape/Pattern: Leaf

Stone Color: Clear

Engagement Ring: Lover’s Ring


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6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0


Gold Color, Silver Color

2 reviews for Leaf Ring FREE For a LIMITED TIME PROMOTION

  1. Olivia Isla

    My leaf engagement ring is awesome! I love shopping here and can’t wait to receive my free princess crown ring in the mail.

  2. Alondrea lewis

    My friend told me about so i went to check it out an it said free rings i said wow an this works very good.

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