Free Jewelry 2020

Free jewelry 2020: Free Watches And Free Rings Clearance Sale.

“Why would we give away free jewelry and free watches in 2020?  What’s the catch with free iced out chains?  Who can afford to have free jewelry and earrings?   Well, call us crazy but we’re going to try this anyway.  Its good advertisement, we hope.   But you have decide for yourself.  All of us at The Ring Haven are pretty sure that you will agree with our way of thinking.  Giving free watches, dangle and drop earrings or free friendship rings or free mens jewelry away for the price of shipping and handling is good business.

We’ve given this statement rings and free jewelry clearance sale a lot of thought.  We’ve been planning our free jewelry blowout for quite a while now.  We have even already spent a lot of cash.  And we still have to perform some amazing, incredible act to be noticed and get visitors to our jewelry and accessories store.  What good is it to be a piece of grass in a whole field?

“If a wonderful thing has happened and nobody hears about it you know what just happened?  Nothing.”  That man’s name was P.T. Barnum, the most famous American promoter ever.  Did you know that he discovered Jenny Lind and brought her to America.  He made her so rich that in less than a year she was able to open her own girl’s music school. So our marketing department(currently Cole) has decided this free jewelry clearance sale is the way to dominate this jewelry market.


Free Jewelry Clearance

Hi!  The Ring Haven jewelry store says, “Come on in”  You have found our new year 2020 clearance promotion of free iced out chains, free bond watches and free tiara rings.  We are glad you are here and we know that you will absolutely love the friendship rings that we have to offer you today.  Yeah, I know, we’re kinda spoiling the market.  Its okay though ’cause our competitors can learn a new skill.

You have just joined us in our free jewelry for men and free girls rings.   We love our returning customers but if this is your first time here that’s great. And if you are a referral, even better. Can we recommend the Leaf Engagement Ring or a Free Elvish Ring?  See, getting friends to recommend us on social media or even word of mouth is what we need. And that’s the answer to the ten-thousand-dollar question; why would we have free jewelry iced out chains and free watches?


So, right now our advertising model(conceived by Jess and Cole) requires us to advertise by splashing around free mens jewelry and stuff in this thing called a promotion.  To clarify some, The Ring Haven is charging into the online jewelry store by mail business with big ideas. We’re gonna be huge. But first we have to get our online jewelry store up and running. That’s why we need the good word of our customers like you.

And our marketing department(Jenny’s) idea of reaching new customers is to advertise. What is the best possible advertisement for an online business? Word of mouth is the best anyone in any kind of business venture can get.  The Ring Haven knows you will just love your Lover’s Ring.  Drew asks that each customer limit their selection to nine free items.  We have an jewelry advertising budget(yet to be determined by Drew) that needs to cover quite a bit of ground.

 See, we know you’ll love your free engagement ring or Love Ring set and you will wear them a lot.  Then you will tell your friends where you got this free jewelry couple rings; from The Ring Haven. And they are going to want to get a free statement ring set from The Ring Haven too.

A referral customer is the best kind. Soon everyone will be wearing a free tiara ring or a free jewelry piece. And that’s what this free ring promotion is about. We scatter rings free Lover’s Rings and they will grow and multiply.  Soon the promotion will end and we will charge full price.  At some point Drew will set a firm budget limit.  If jess’s free promotion advertising doesn’t give away the whole internet first.  We only ask that if you do order a free ring from us, please show your friends and like us on facebook. Thanks.



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