Cheap Jewelry Stores

Cheap Jewelry Stores  for men

“What is the best online cheap jewelry store for men “, you ask?

Well, every online jewelry store carries a stylish and cheap jewelry store for men selection.   And our marketing team has decided to give a few cheap rings for men a try.  A stash of low cost gangsta jewelry that is affordable on a budget.  Even if you only have a few dollars you can find some solid and inexpensive ring,  in our cheap jewelry store for men stash.  A cool mans steel chain ring from our affordable jewelry for men can out-tough and outlast a gold ring that costs many times the price.

Stone made from cubic zirconium or even rhinestones are clearer than diamonds and never unethical.  “But how can i tell if its a diamond”, you ask?  Well, the quickest way is to turn it upside-down.  Get a book, open it to a random page and set the flat top of your biker ring down on a word. If you can read even a single letter through the stone, a diamond it is not.  Diamonds are too dense to read through.

Wait, Don’t Do It…

Of course we’ve all heard it said that to answer the question, “Is it a diamond or cheap hip hop jewelry?” you can write on some glass with it(DON’T).   You know, because diamonds are harder than a cheap jewelry store ring for men and can cut glass.  In fact, low-cost diamonds ARE used to cut glass and being a 10 on the mohs scale of hardness, they may be best cut out for the job. Though tungsten carbide is a 9 on the mohs scale. And tungsten carbide tipped glass cutting tools are fairly common.

And that proves my point; many things can scratch glass.  GLASS can scratch glass.  Just think how careful you have to be not to scratch your sunglasses.  And if the stone in question isn’t a diamond after all?  Its a beautiful, cool cubic zirconium cheap jewelry store bought ring.  Would you want to damage a perfectly good piece of cheaper good quality jewelry for men?

Another method to test your diamond: Ask The Rainbow:

Leave that cheap rings for men jewelry sitting on that book and then shine a light through it while turning it some.  See a rainbow?  A rainbow is caused by a prism, sometimes raindrops or glass, that refracts the light.  The light is broken down into its various component colors.  As stated earlier, a diamond is very dense and reflects the light rather than refracting it.  A diamond will not cause a rainbow effect.  It WILL produce various points of intense white light.  Think laser, not rainbow. See colors, don’t see diamond.  Affordably cool but inexpensive jewelry store bling.

Well, there are other precious stones often used in less expensive jewelry that might be sold as a mens cheap ring by accident.  White sapphire, white topaz often look like diamonds and have to be tested by an expert.  A red diamond ring would be mistaken by most people as mens cheap jewelry.  It might even be sold at a flea market or be seen at a budget friendly jewelry store.

When in fact red is the rarest of them all. But in reality most diamonds probably aren’t discovered yet and may spend all eternity at the bottom of a fish tank or getting kicked down the street in the ‘hood. And who’s to say what makes for a cheap jewelry store in the first place?  The art that goes into the jewelry design counts for a lot.  There are some decorated chicken eggs in Russia that are valued beyond anything.  True story. (Faberge)

Diamonds aren’t really that rare.

You see, is simply a matter of time and place. I have seen a cheap ring sold for $10 in a gas station.  And I have seen that same ring in the cheap jewelry store selection of a local jewelry store for $120.  An imported steel ring with a CZ stone.  Diamonds aren’t as rare as all that.  Just price controlled.  Its a few big companies that got together and fixed the price in a group called a CARTEL.  Then there was some pretty intense advertising to create a demand.  If diamonds are someone’s best friend, can we recommend adopting a shelter dog?

So, did you know that they even make cheap sandpaper out of diamonds?  Just go to the local hardware store and have a look.  Each sheet of sandpaper has thousands of cheap, common inexpensive diamonds glued to it.  Of course they have been crushed into tiny pieces.  Which brings me two my next point; hard materials are brittle.  They can be crushed broken, fractured and smashed by softer material.  Water is used to cut jewelry stones when sprayed at high pressure.  And a simple steel hammer will crush any diamond into sandpaper.  If you go around writing on stuff with your inexpensive mens jewelry, cheap or not, you will damage it.

Tools can build and tools can destroy

Like the little boy who takes apart the family television set with a screwdriver: he wanted to see what it was made of.  Gold is a very soft metal.  it must be mixed with cheaper metals to make it harder.  Some guys in movies will bite a gold coin to see if its real.  But if it WAS truly valuable, now its got teeth marks in it.  And if that tough actor guy tries to bite one of our tough, low priced tungsten rings for men from our store, he’s gonna lose a tooth.  Guaranteed(please don’t try it).

It always makes me laugh to hear archaeologists abusing grave robbers.  And scientists, like overgrown boys, are constantly destroying things to see what they WERE.  Did you know that the oldest living animal was discovered by a team of scientists.  Ming the Mollusk was a very, very old clam.  But the scientists wanted to know HOW old.  It WAS 507 years old and got no older.

So, in conclusion

Don’t bite the 8mm cheap tungsten carbide ring.  Or the cool hip hop jewelry sets.  And don’t go scratching stuff with the unknown stones on the tough bikers ring.  Just because they say that awesome and tough affordable watch in the store is on sale jewelry for men, don’t knock it.