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    Should I buy tungsten rings, you might ask? Well, it kind of depends on if you’re looking for overkill in the strength department. And while some urban legends speak of people having medical emergencies where their rings are difficult to remove, its probably an equal or greater amount of times my ring has protected all of my fingers from getting smashed.  So, this is what you’d be getting:

  •  W is the atomic symbol for wolfram (tungsten) In the periodic table of elements. It is a chemical element in the VIB group of the periodic table. Tungsten’s atomic number is 74 meaning that it weighs 74 x the weight of a hydrogen atom. That’s important. Its density is 19.35 g/cm³.  Pure tungsten has a melting point of 6,170.0 °F (3683.15 K, 3410.0 ℃) and boiling point of 10,220.0 °F  (5933.15 K, 5660.0 ℃). Pure tungsten is a light gray or whitish metal, which is a solid at room temperature. Unless your room is 6,170 degrees. Then you should move.
  • Tungsten doesn’t occur in its pure metallic state or mens tungsten rings in nature, rather it exists in several ores, but only wolframite and scheelite are mined commercially. But the Wolfram has been spotted in the woods. Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point, the highest tensile strength and the lowest vapor pressure. Vapor Pressure. Yeah!
  • It has excellent corrosion resistance and the bulk metal resists attack by oxygen, acids and alkalis. And Peruvian dancing Llamas. Incidentally, Tungsten band rings /Tungsten mens fashion rings are gaining in popularity. Tungsten is widely used in the production of hard materials, alloys, filaments, electrodes, industrial catalysts and other really, really hard stuff.
  • For a detailed comparison between Tungsten carbide hardness and titanium alloy toughness go here: Should I buy Tungsten or Titanium
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